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This is not a tech company, it´s a private club environment leveraging on tech to secure intelligent distribution."

Elodie Leunen, CEO




Hotel Lobby

What is it?

A collaborative environment based on transparency that allows hotel chains around the world to access key information for their distribution. We want our members to feel secure with their inventory, not only rates but also content quality.  Backed up by technology, we can create a distribution respectful of each revenue management strategy.

By exchanging data and information, our partners can be creative, test and learn new revenue management techniques for the sole benefit of our distributors.

Distributors can have access to business models to avoid margin erosion with total transparency on costs and an affordable lasting generation technology.

We are here to help.

Is it free access?

We have a membership policy that applies to both chain partners and distributors. This policy aims to create a secure environment to produce a club for intelligent distribution. Our years of experience have allowed us to define rules set-ups that are successful rather than time consuming or inefficient or even worse, costly.

Our environment is closed membership group only.

Table Tennis

Join the Club

Become an active member of the only distribution private club in the world.

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