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Hotel Chains & Villas

Join a group of members that have decided to take control over their distribution. Ask our team to provide you with a full list of benefits and feedback from our actual members.

It doesnt matter where you are or what size of company you represent, you will be a unique member. Our list of requirements is very simple to understand and as an owner of product, you will have access to a whole range of straighforward benefits.

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Want to be recognized like your competitors do by the owners of the product? Get onboard and start quickly to exchange on the future of your distribution.

Our technology covers all type of distributors, from travel agencies to tour operators. We have the appropiate solution to connect to thousands of properties in the most cost efficient way. Get an access to direct inventory from properties like if it was yours.

Get finally the recognition you are waiting for...


We provide a full range of services from connectivity to distribution but also on customer service, support tech and reporting.

Our membership fees are adapted to your business model to make sure our Club can provide you with the right environment. Our business model is transparent and adapted to all different distribution methodologies.


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Our Partners

Within the Club you can also find a range of solutions for your business. Those solutions have been tested and work closely with The Club to garantee the best solutions for your hotel distribution.

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Become an active member of the only distribution private club in the world.

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