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The Concept

Creating a transparent environment for members to exchange information on distribution and understand the actual challenges, supported by lasting technology developments.

Why Zinantis?

Zinantis comes from the Greek word "encounter". Our club aims to put the right people together for business.

Our tech is unique and agile. It provides high added value into a complex distribution environment.

What is a club?

It´s a trusted environment, it´s not a marketplace, bed bank, or a switch. We provide different options and ways of working for all of the above cases.

Is this Club accessible?

We do not select our partnerships by the size of their business. We select our members based on the way they operate and their distribution. We need our members to guarantee correct distribution. Just like Artificial Intelligence, firstly we need the set-ups and data to be organized then we create an intelligent distribution.

Table Tennis

Join the Club

Become an active member of the only distribution private club in the world.

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